Second Language Benefits

What are the benefits of early second language learning

In this case, the younger really is the better. Learning a second language early brings with it a whole host of advantages and unmissable opportunities. It will:

  • have a positive effect on intellectual growth – being exposed to more than one language gives your child’s brain a great work-out and helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • enrich and enhance your child’s mental development in all subject areas including maths and English – it has been shown that children who speak more than one language regularly outperform children with only one language at GCSE and other exam levels.
  • leave your child with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening – children exposed to a second language at any early stage are much more likely to achieve native speaker like levels of pronunciation and understanding of the second language as they are learning the sounds of their own language at the same time and their brain is sensitive to the different sounds and nuances of language. They are also able to mimic sounds in the way that adults are not and can develop almost perfect pronunciation.
  • improve your child’s understanding of their native language –understanding and working in a second language helps your child draw links and make conclusions about how their own language works and increases their general language skills. For example at a very basic level, learning numbers in Spanish will help consolidate their knowledge of the numbers in English.
  • give your child the chance to communicate with different people they would otherwise not have the chance to know – children gain the opportunity to benefit more from foreign travel and to communicate with people from a range of cultures and backgrounds.
  • give your child a head start in language learning for later school life – it goes without saying that learning a second language now will
  • greatly improve your child’s language learning ability later in life. Their brain is being hard wired for future language learning and any language elearnt now will aid that process.

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